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Water Jetting Services

With high pressure water delivery, Speedy can eradiate sand, silt, hair and other debris that may be clogging your sewer lines. Water jetting is more effective than snaking alone.

Water Jetting Services from Speedy Plumbing

Hydro jetting is an incredibly effective method of cleaning clogged or slow sewer lines. With the approximately 4,000 psi that these systems use, sand, silt, hair clogs, and other caked on debris that have accumulated on the walls of pipes are absolutely eradicated so they can slow pipes no longer. Jetting cleans pipes far more thoroughly than traditional snaking alone can ever accomplish, and as it only requires water, it is an environmentally sound practice as well.

Experience Matters

Jetting is a tool rightly left only in the hands of an experienced plumber — if misused, its powerful blasts can devastate pipes from within. The trained professionals at Speedy Plumbing Service in Fargo Moorhead are thoroughly versed in this handy technology, and have cleared countless pipes with it before. If you have been left dissatisfied by the results of snaking or suspect that the buildup of debris is affecting your pipes’ effectiveness, let us come and jet them for you today. You’ll wish you had tried it sooner!

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